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Press Release - Community & Economic Development Initiative

Community & Economic Development Initiative: Land & Development Strategic Plan

Lumby, BC, October 2, 2017:  Lumby Council received a presentation from James Kay of Aspen Lands Advisory Ltd. following an evaluation of economic development opportunities for the Village of Lumby within the context of the current demands and market conditions.  The intent is to position Lumby to incent and attract residents, industry, commerce, jobs and investment.  Based on the recommendations, Council moved an eight-point action plan to position Lumby for economic growth:


1.   Create Development/Re-Development Incentives:

a.         Downtown Redevelopment Tax Exemption Program

b.         Purpose-Built Rental Buildings Incentives

c.          Affordable Housing Through Renovation Incentives & Creation of Suites

2.   Zoning Changes

a.         Inclusionary Zoning & Densification (Modular, Carriage, 4-plex)

3.   CN Rail Business Case to Restore Service

4.   Agricultural Land Commission Business Case

a.         Smart-Farming Initiatives & Inclusion/Protection/Exclusion of Municipal Lands

5.   Flood Mitigation Works at 1826 Shuswap

6.   Asset Management Systems & Grant

7.   Amenity Wishlist

8.   Rental/Supportive/Assisted Housing Through Provincial & Federal Programs

a.         Attracting Investment Through Established Programs


Recent studies have confirmed a housing shortage and need for new and repurposed housing of all types.  Secondary suites and carriage/laneway homes are excellent investment opportunities for existing homeowners and residents as mortgage-helpers that create affordable living opportunities for others.  Identifying, promoting, and sharing these opportunities is a simple, effective economic driver.

Positioning Lumby lands for inclusionary zoning and proactively identifying sites that would be suitable for provincial and federal grants will help create shovel-ready development projects and incent growth on our community.  Funding is available and Lumby is well-positioned for this growth.

Finally, work is underway on key aspects of Lumby’s Amenity Wishlist, Flood Protection & Mitigation Works, CN Rail, Agricultural Land Reserve boundaries, and Asset Management.  Actionable steps are being taken on all fronts.

The Village of Lumby is actively pursuing economic development initiatives, and invites your feedback, participation, and support in the coming months as the program takes key steps forward.

For more information contact us.

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 11:00am

1775 Glencaird Street
PO Box 430
Lumby, BC V0E 2G0


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